Forrest Raup is a Denver based drummer with 15 years of professional experience. Discovering his talent at an early age, Forrest was playing notable venues in his hometown of Boulder, CO by age 11.

Whether it be playing local shows, supplying drum recordings, touring nationally, or all of the above, Forrest has contributed drums to some of Denver’s premier acts such as Pink Fuzz, Eldren, The AJ Fullerton Band, The Austin Young Band, Whiskey Autumn, The Velveteers, Dallas Thornton, James Beer, and many more.

Forrest has studied performance and arranging at the Berklee College of Music, and audio production at the University of Colorado Denver. With over 6 years of teaching experience, he offers one on one drum set lessons via video chat or in person, as well as professional high- fidelity online drum recordings from his home studio in Denver, Colorado.


Forrest would love to play drums on your song(s)! His acoustically treated home studio features quality microphones and pre-amps, and a wide variety of drums to choose from. But more importantly, Forrest has an ear for composing musical drum parts that will compliment your song and help bring it to life. Listen below to some of the songs Forrest has drummed on. Get in touch for scheduling and pricing!


Forrest has experience teaching a wide array of students. From 4 year olds to adults, and beginner to advanced players, Forrest tailors his teaching methods to fit each individual’s goals and needs. With the pandemic among us, Forrest has adapted to teaching lessons online. With programs like Zoom, it is easier than ever to communicate, share resources, and be able to listen and learn together in real time. Get in touch to set up scheduling and pricing!


Send a message to inquire about lessons and drum tracking